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Kenlac Polyurethane Clear Varnish

Manufactured from an oil modified Polyurethane resin, Kenlac Polyurethane Clear Varnish is specifically designed to produce a tough gloss finish on all types of timber. It is easy to use since it has a single pack and has high spreading capacity.

Available Sizes: 1 litre, 4 litre
Appearance: Clear
Finish: High-Gloss
Application: Use a brush
Thinning and mixing: Supplied ready for use but may be thinned with a little Kenlac White Spirit for 1st coat, on bare timber, or for spray application. Stir well before use. The use of inferior thinners will affect the gloss, drying and durability
Caution: Avoid over thinning as this will affect over quality of the varnish
Direction for use:
  • Surfaces must be dry, clean and dust free. Do not apply over surfaces that have been wax polished.
  • Sand the rough spots with a vibrator sander or by hand: A disk sander will leave circular grooves. Start with a rough grade of sandpaper like 100 grit and move to finer sandpaper to finish. Files may be used for hard to reach places.
  • Apply Kenlac Polyurethane Clear varnish using a brush to the desired area.
  • Highly flammable mixture, do not expose near open flame and sparks. Use contents of the container in a well ventilated place.
  • Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin, please use proper protective and clothing while applying the Kenlac Polyurethane Clear Varnish.
  • Avoid skin contact and DO NOT inhale fumes from the solution.
  • If swallowed or fumes inhaled, immediately seek medical advice.
Since I began using Tough Bond 10 years ago, it has NEVER failed me. I have never found a reason to purchase any other type of adhesive for any application. It's the perfect item for every household to have in their homes.
James Hamilton, Kenya

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