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Kenlac EVA

Kenlac EVA is a non-plasticized aqueous milky white copolymer dispersion based on vinyl acetate and ethylene. After evaporation of its water content, Kenlac EVA forms a flexible film with best adhesive properties for broad applications.

In generally, Kenlac EVA is used as general adhesive for packaging, bookbinding, and bonding for plastic films, coated papers. Furthermore, Kenlac EVA is broadly used as a particularly suitable base emulsion for the formulation of adhesives for difficult substrates, such as lacquered surfaces, foils and plastic films in the packaging and paper industry. Kenlac EVA is also an excellent base emulsion for floor-, wall- or ceiling adhesives.

It shows good resistance against aging, light or saponification. As a result, the durability of your products could be enhanced with usage of Kenlac EVA and suitable applicative industrial formulations. Besides, it is a very friendly product for our environment.

Available Sizes: 4 Kg, 20 Kg and 200 litre
Appearance: White suspension
Application: Use a brush
Thinning and Mixing: Adhesive supplied ready for use
Recommended applications: The popular use of Kenlac EVA is for bonding difficult substrates, like :

  • Plastic- (Specially PVC-) or metal films to substrates of all kind
  • Printed paper, lacquered paper and board
  • Plastic materials to porous or even non-porous substrates
  • Ceramic tiles to cementitious substrates

As Kenlac EVA is compatible with cement, we can reinforce waterproofing capability of cementitious compounds formulated with our product.

Caution:  Store in a cool dry place
Since I began using Tough Bond 10 years ago, it has NEVER failed me. I have never found a reason to purchase any other type of adhesive for any application. It's the perfect item for every household to have in their homes.
James Hamilton, Kenya

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